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We at jk fumigation feel an obligation to provide the absolute best possible services to our customers at a fair price.

Termite Control

jk fumigation service provide excellent service of Anti-Termite treatment takes care of termites or what may people refer to as “white ants”, the most dreaded enemy of wood it also make all the wood thigs useless, timber and cellulose based materials such as furniture, paper, journals and magazines etc. Treatment normally involves drilling holes in the infested location and applying the termiticide solution.This service is provided while the construction stages of a particular structure and is carried out as per the specifications laid down we have a lots fo expereience in this field.

Mosquito Management

It produced in dirty water and so dangerous for health we can control it through a special larvicide treatment is given to destroy the larvae of Mosquitos in their breeding habitat before they can mature into adult mosquitoes and disperse. Adult mosquitoes can be controlled by contact poison insecticide. Space spraying with mist blowers, thermal fog generators or ULV generators with aerosol adulticide is the most useful method for adult mosquito control we have a well known working experience as jk fumigation service in karachi and also have a experience team to resolve this type of problem.

Bed Bugs cotrol

Bed bugs have become a significant problem in various city like karachi and around the world. In time treatment we can resolve this problem because they are easily spread and difficult to treat resulting in rapid growth in the number of bed bug outbreaks around the world.Bed bugs are one of the great travelers of the world and are readily transported via luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture. As such, they have a worldwide distribution jk fumigation service offers you to solve this problem in a easy and good mannars. Some Basic Facts: * Bed bugs are relentless. decimate, exterminating or just killing.

Anti-Cockroach Gel Treatment

it is a good service to remove cockroach without fuming or spray, gel treatment is set in places frequented by roaches e.g. drawers, kitchen cabinets, storage spaces etc. After ingestion of the treatment, the cockroach takes the chemical back to its nest infecting other cockroaches resulting in the complete elimination of cockroaches from your hous

Rat Control | De-rating

Rats are known to spread diseases, so if you find them in your home or business it should be treated as a serious pest problem it causes a lot of diseases like skin problem etc.Rats pose a significant health risk to humans and our pets. Common diseases carried by rats include Weil's disease, Salmonella, TB and E.coli. Rats also carry mites, fleas and ticks and can cause acute allergic reactions.

How to Keep Rats Away

Do you have rats in the kitchen? Or rats in the attic? If not treated, a rat infestation can quickly take hold. jk fumigation service also provid rate control service, there is a range of DIY rat control products available to help get rid of rats in low risk areas. However, we recommend rat control treatment by one of our service technicians for rat activity in living areas or if the problem persists

Water Tank Cleaning & Chemical Treatment

Using completely safe methods of treatment that ensures the safety of those drinking the water, our method of water tank cleaning ensures complete safety protocol are adhered while performing our service we clean all the wall with brushs and also cleaning floor .



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we have 10 years of experience, we perform this duty so freely . and i am sure You will receive the most effective, scientific, and environmentally friendly service available. Today we provide the best control services at reasonable rates, which sets the foundation of our values as we continue to serve our community and the Central area. jk fumigation Pest Control is the most popular pest service now a day, our stuf perform our work so honestly . we will must provide the high standards services, we continue to train our worker in the most modern technologies available to control both nuisance and damaging insect infestations. we are jk fumigation service now We give proactive pest control services to Residential, Commercial Houses, Flats, Portions, Apartment, Individual Villas, Beach Houses, Town House, Office, All of our technicians are registered OR certified by Dept of Agriculture and consumer affairs.

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